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     Alpine is a certified carpet cleaner in Utah County



    Restaurant carpet cleaning in Utah County

    It helps to hook up your truck mount to a Little Giant heater to give you some added heat, by doing this you can get 270 degrees at the wand. When you pull the trigger and you hear a pop, then you know you have some heat. Pre spraying with a high PH and some heat will melt the gum away and cut through the grease that comes from the kitchen all the way to the front desk. Cleaning the tile in the kitchen, it will melt away the grease and clean up the oil leaving it squeaky clean. Using a high PH pre spray it helps to run an acid rinse(Fab Set) in your emulsifier jug. Just put a turkey thermometer where your water is coming out of your wand and you’ll see how hot your water is.
    You have to be careful on olefin carpet, it has a low melting temperature, even when you drag a piece of furniture on olefin the friction will leave a burn mark. You will need to get those big plastic quick connects or wrap the quick connects with a towel. Try to keep your hose off the carpet and when going up stairs strap the hose to the railing so you don’t burn the carpet. Always use new hose so they don’t break. I don’t suggest you use this much heat in your everyday job in cleaning someone’s home.  Under pressure at 500 PSI at 270 degrees the water won’t be boiling yet, but it will be close. After steam cleaning the carpet, bonnet cleaning with Encapuclean with Maxim will make the carpet stay cleaner longer. When cleaning a restaurant or a movie theater, it helps to have some heat. 

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