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     Alpine is a certified carpet cleaner in Utah County


    Utah County Flood Restoration


     When it comes to Utah County flood restoration, Alpine is expirienced, inexpensive and most imporatnly...quick!  Because we specialize in Utah County flood damage, we can arive at the scene in a matter of minutes and get the water off your floors and out of the carpet quickly.  We take care of everything for your flood restoration needs from the initial water removal to the restoration and drying of the entire area. We are often more affordable than your insurance deductable!


    In Utah, flood cleanup is unfamiliar because of the dry climate; however, it needs to be cleaned up quickly and efficiently.  Contact us as soon as it happens and we will take care of you.

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    Check out some pictures and learn about our water damage cleanup process.

    When having a water loss, the first thing I will bring into your home is a moisture detector, so I can tell you what is wet and what is not. Then we can talk about the most effective way to dry out your home. We will bring in sliders to put under all of your furniture to protect it from being damaged by moisture. We will then extract all the water out of your home, before bringing in dry equipment. This is a MMS+ Restoration Kit. To see a Protimeter Product Overview video, click here.


    It is important to extract the water quickly, otherwise the water will migrate into other rooms and up the walls. If your sub floor is wood, the damp pad could make your sub floor warp, (wafer board or ply wood) or swell, (partical boards or MDF baseboards) , so it is best to take out the pad. On basement cement sub floors we use a water claw to extract the water and save the pad. After extracting all the water we will bring in dry equipment.

     To see how the water claw works, click on the video below.