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     Alpine is a certified carpet cleaner in Utah County


    Utah County Tile and Grout Cleaning 


    First, we spray down a high alkaline solution to loosen the dirt in the grout, to suspend it in a liquid form. Sometimes you need some agitation to loosen up the dirt along with the pre spray. I can use a buffer with a long bristle brush to scrub the tile & grout. And then I use a tile tool that spins, sprays and sucks, which power washes the tile and grout and sucks it up at the same time, while being contained in the dome. Then I mop the floor to remove any excess water, then I set up air movers to dry the grout. When it is dry, I inspect the grout to see if there is any spots that need to be redone. I can't see it until it is dry.   


    Steam cleaning, rinsing and extracting the tile  - Scrubbing the tile & grout to loosen the dirt & grime