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     Alpine is a certified carpet cleaner in Utah County


    Below are some examples of our Utah County water damage cleanup service. It isimportant to get to the job right away, so the water doesn't migrate into other rooms and start wicking up the walls. In most cases we can get to your home within an hour, anytime, anyday.

    Here is a Utah County flood cleanup in Provo. First, we water clawed all the carpet, this extracts the water out of the pad through the carpet, so the pad is just damp. The water had wicked up the walls a foot so we took off the base boards and put holes in the walls where the baseboards were. To dry the insulation in the wall. Sometimes we use an Inject-A-Dry system. Here we are drying the walls, capet and pad.

    Here we did a large Utah County flood cleanup in Alpine. The building did not have enough electricty so we brought in 2 trailored generators to power the air movers and dehues. We also had to bring in trailored heating units. 



    Check out a large flood damage job we recently serviced for more pictures and examples of the scale we are able to accomodate when hired.  Call us quickly because when it comes to flood restoration, timing is everything"